OP8Pro question about sources

Hi there,

I am using a OP8Pro running JaguarOS custom ROM. This is a security focused rom available only for some OnePlus devices and based on A11.

The developper explained some things regarding kernel updates issue on many available roms which is that most of them hasn’t been updated since 2020, suce as LineageOS source.

Since eOS is based mostly on Lineage (if I’m right and it is still the case) I was wondering if eOS used kernel are also that out of date or if work is still maintained also on that. For example, if it was needed, I think that JaguarOS kernel could be used to keep in track with security update based on kernel source.

And still regarding that security updates in mind, how fast and improved can be eOS sources, still based on Lineage or is there any more work done to improve that base. Since I think there may have some changes made to adjust the privacy focused way.

I don’t know if everything can be answered for sure but could be interested to know more on that part of eOS development direction.

I am still considering to go switch back to eOS from time to time since I was using it on my older phone I enjoyed it.

Edit: In order to base my saying on the related topic, here is the link for the xda post:

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