Open Back Cover

Hello. I guess I am a smartphone dummy but I cannot get the back cover to come off on the Terracube phone. Is there a tool or process other than the limited info in the instructions?
Thank you

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You may need strong nails :smiley: Guides - Teracube Community

Yeah, you need a couple of fingernails which are longer than cut-to-the-quick. Slip a fingernail into the gap between phone and back cover. slide it along the top of the phone. As you go, slip another fingernail into the gap you’ve opened, to prevent it closing up again.

Then work your way down each side of the phone, you’ll feel a few little ‘snaps’ as the latches release. Once you can lever the cover far enough off to clear the phone, you can push the cover toward the bottom of the phone to slip it completely off.

To replace it, reverse the process… put the cover on at the bottom with it levered away from the phone, bring the top of the cover to the edge of the phone, then snap the latches, working your way up, until you snap the last few top latches. Then go around the entire perimeter and give it a squeeze to ensure all the latches are latched.

Yes, thanks. That method works and becomes easier as the cover loosens up a bit. They might have thought up another way, but cant complain as at least it CAN be opened to replace a battery.