Open Camera Crash, how to reset? {SOLVED}

I have a fairphone 3 (first releases - on android) and got a tech to change it to E and I was enjoying the Open Camera preinstalled and when I adjusted the settings to how I wanted it crashed. Now I can’t get into the app or uninstall all it reinstall it.
I know there’s gotta be a way how but I don’t know >.<

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Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> See all aps -> open camera -> Storage -> Clear Cache + Storage

But I would recommend to use the modified Pixel Camera app, much better pictrure quality (slomo video crashes). :slight_smile:

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Oh! Cheers ~ what an easy fix^^
I had considered that but was too hesitant to try ^^
I’m new to all this open source stuff but its more forgiving than I thought ~
I checked the Pixel permissions though and I think I wouldn’t wanna use it, plus I just don’t wanna use anything from google.

No problem. :slight_smile:
(The modded version does not talk home if you mean that).