Open Camera from lock screen without unlocking (1.6r)

I recently upgraded my FP3+ from 1.5q to 1.6r.
Before, I could open the camera directly from the lock screen by double-tapping the power button (“Quickly open camera” in settings).
That worked, unless the camera app was in gallery display mode, in which case the lock screen would be locked in such a way that I could no longer swipe to unlock. But if I was careful, it worked.

Now, with 1.6r, I configured the same double-tap shortcut. But the (default-installed) camera app never opens. The lock screen only gets black, the phone doesn’t respond for 3-4 seconds, then I need to unlock it to get the camera.

How can I get to the camera app without unlocking?

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I get this sometimes.

Try the double tap action with the phone unlocked. If the os offers you a choice then select ‘always’. That usually solves it for me.

I might have foud a solution by accident. Although it says it is risky. In the ‘More Camera-Settings’ there is an option with ‘show with locked screen’:

Edit: @centaurus This might be also helpful for you?


Thanks, that was it.
I initially solved it by using a different camera app which would allow that by default.

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