Open Camera: Gallery Icon does not show last Image/Video


I have an Issue with the default camera app (Open Camera). The gallery icon (the small preview of the last taken picture/video in the bottom right corner) does not show the last taken picture/video, instead it shows the thumbnail of a random video (but always the same one). When I click on the icon it also opens the random Video and not the last taken picture/video.

Does anyone have an idea why this could be happening?

I don’t really have an idea why this happens, I didn’t experience this behavior yet.

But it might be a caching problem, so maybe it helps to delete the OpenCamera app cache?
Please note: do not delete app data, as this would also delete photos and videos.

Hi, thanks for the response, sadly clearing the cache did not fix the problem.

whatever Opencamera is querying within onResume() is coming up short. I’d look at 3 places:

Uri check_uri = getStorageUtils().getLastMediaScannedCheckUri();

Do you strip exif times from photos at creation?

There’s a report similar to yours, but there the thumbnail is misleading:

Hello, I do not strip Exif-Timestamps from Photos, I left the setting on default. For Videos I don’t know, cause I can’t find a setting for exif timestamps in the app.