Open Camera "Serious Error" fixed

I sent back for repair my Samsung Galaxy S7 : when using the flash, the picture was not recorded while displaying “Serious Camera Error”.
Replacement was duly achieved in time but the new device still showed the same error.
Finally, the issue was solved after activated the parameter “Camera2 API”.
May I suggest that setting is defaulted on preloaded /e/smartphones ?


That’s would be very good. +100

a more adequate device specific camera support and improvements of OpenCamera compatibility in /e/ would be indeed appreciated by many users!

i.e. on all those devices, which come with cameras of different focal length, it would a significant relief and gain of resulting image quality, if we could use them out of the box, like in the manufaturies android variants.

Agree. Issues with the camera has been reported across devices. It is one of the open projects with /e/ where we are looking for developers who can help with the resolution.


I’m using a pocophone and the only camera that actually works, sort of, is the Google camera…
ofc I have blocked all internet usage for the camera. I tried several open source camera apps and non open source camera’s, most not work properly or did not even open at all. It’s painful that only the frigging Google camera works…

i would suggest, that /e/ contacts the author (=Mark Harman) of “OpenCamera” and collaborate with him in a closer and more efficient manner.

this could bring benefits for both sides!

some improvements in OpenCamera (e.g. working multi camera support) can not be realized without altering the device specific OS images, but i also would like to see a more significant attribution of respect regarding the work of independent free software app developers.

as much as i like the general idea behind /e/ and all it’s efforts to create a usable ‘distribution’ for mobile phones, i still do not like the unavoidable side effects of repacking, renaming and somehow hidding the origins of all those little apps and tools, which in fact build the ground for our actual efforts. inviting the actual upstream authors and thereby also promoting the value of their work resp. not changing the original names of their free software products, would IMHO a desirable signal to improve this situation.

Thanks @mash for sharing the info. Have got in touch with Mark Harman …will update if there is any info.

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thx, gracias, problema 1 resuelto.

Some news in this @Manoj

I think I had responded on the same topic in some other post. The summary was that we had contacted Mark Harman but he mentioned that he was working on his own and did not have the bandwidth to work with /e/.
Recently there was a user with developer skills who had mentioned he wanted to help with the development on the Camera project. The last I heard he was being on boarded on to the system. Will check if there were any updates and share.

Crossing my fingers!!!

Thanks @Manoj. Have a goog sunday

How to activate the parameter “Camera2 API”.??Pls teach me