Open Launcher does not update

I installed Open Launcher on my FP3+ and it does not update anymore. The automatic update service shows that the update is available and tries to install it but fails. So does the manual update. it jumps from 1% to 100%, and than Apps crashes.

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Have you tried uninstalling it and then re-installing it?
I’m unfamiliar with Open launcher, so unsure if you would be able to backup the settings & layout etc

Thanks for your suggestion!

I have uninstalled OpenLauncher today. However, I cannot reinstall it. The behavior is the same as with the update: while downloading it says 1%, then jumps to 100%, and then Apps crashes.

Apologies, I thought it’d re-install happily.

Have you tried downloading the APK itself from the website?

or the apk directly:

Thanks a lot, that worked!

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