Open source alternative for Flipboard/Google News? (visual news reader)

Hello guys,

I want to get rid of all remaining proprietary/non-foss stuff on my phone, and one of the things I can’t seem to live without is Flipboard.

I really enjoy reading the news on Flipboard (I don’t have an account, I use it without logging in, of course). It’s very visual, I don’t have to manually add feeds, and I can remove feeds or topics I don’t care for.

Is there something similar in the open-source world? I’ve tried a couple (flym doesn’t fetch news reliably, Newsblur is also quite ugly, etc).

Help is appreciated.

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Hello, I added myself every RSS links I wanted in Flym and I’m satisfied with it.

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I’ve been a big user of Flipboard myself and been on the lookout for an open sourced app too, not too keen on flym, so interested in peoples answers.

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I’ve tried using Flym but adding topics doesn’t work (or maybe I’m doing it wrong?). The feed doesn’t populate.

I didn’t use the default feeds or keyword search. I went to my favorite news websites, copied the RSS links and paste them in Flym.

I’ll keep that as a last resort, but I would honestly prefer to be presented with information outside of my own personal bias, to avoid just going after confirmation.

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I use Tiny Tiny RSS App (fdroid) which is connected to my Freedombox ( at home. This Freedombox fetches the RSS feeds using Tiny Tiny RSS. Works very stable and statisfying.

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