Open source Android for PC test

Continuing the discussion from /e/OS on laptops, PinePhone:
I’m gonna test the Bliss OS, open source Android OS for x86 PCs, for the next few weeks, to see if Android is good enough for a reasonable PC experience atm. Anyone want to join me? The idea is to try this out to provide input on the roadmap for /e/ in the area of creating a privacy-safe digital /e/cosystem (also considering to create a x86 version of /e/ in the future)


What’s about Android-x86 ? What are Bliss’ arguments against Android-x86 :thinking:?

There is one problem with BlissOS. If you don’t want to build it yourself and you’d prefer an official release with support of OTA updates — you’ll have to accept the built-in Goolag services. Isn’t it?

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this is exactly my fear

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Yep I will have a look. I have Android X86 running in Virtualbox currently but BlissOS looks interesting.

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yeah i agree that will prob be a problem. I’m seeing this more as a ‘roadtest’ for if it could be a potential interesting avenue for /e/ to explore in the (distant) future.
Re @vernr - great!
i have installed it by the way, but haven’t got it running yet. Upon booting my PC restarts. Need to look into the troubleshooting section when i have some time

Take a look at OpenThos. It’s FOSS and withot Goolag Services (as far as I know).

I’d like to join you. But how are we going to get information out of each other? By private message?

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Bliss is open source too - how does OpenThos solve the lack of an app store then for x86?

yes or general info we can share here in the forum and other info we can share by PM. or via a small Telegram group

General Information in the forum is a better option for me. But for sensitive information, Telegram or Session or Signal.

hi all, OK so no luck for me, i tried it on 2 PCs, both unsuccessful:

  1. with 1 i was unable to boot Bliss OS because it has an AMD processor. The Bliss OS telegram help group has orovided some help but i cannot get it to work
  2. with the other there is a problem that relates to this but i’ve also been unable to solve it.
    :frowning: anyone else with better luck?

Tried Bliss in Virtualbox. Only booted to a console so don’t know where to go from there. Android X86 boots ok but it would need some serious de-googling

I was successfully launching BlissOS, Android-x86 and OpenthOS on my old Intel laptop via LiveUSB. But they all discouraged me. The main problem with all of them (exception tons of bugs, of course) – I couldn’t find a setting to reverse scrolling on the trackpad of my lap top. Perhaps it possible to get a better experience on some tablet, like Surface Pro.

I have running androidx86 on my hp365 convertible. It works well, but it’s nothing for a 17’ touch screen

hi all, just to add my experience here: i finally got Prime OS running in Virtualbox. All the open-source variants ran into errors on my PC. It is a mystery to me why Prime OS is not open-source, since it is built upon Android - which is open-source.
Regarding my experience: it was surprisingly good. I am amazed by how much of my day-to-day things i could perform perfectly on this OS. Yes, it still needs refinements, for example with regards to windows snapping etc, but the basis is really there. It made me even more of a fan of a PC version of /e/!

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GApps are included? And what about root access if I need it?

Gapps ? ??? Oh no …

Yes +1 for Android x86. Open source, maintained for years and runs sweet in Virtual box.

Yes, @Rik
If Prime OS is not Open Source, this project have not so much direct interest for our development !
The only interest I see is curiosity about there features…
As you known gogol is not open source Even it is built upon android witch is open source
As macOS upon BSD-unix and coming soon Windobe upon linux
Ubuntu/AmazonOS upon linux too