Open source encrypted contacts manager or ProtonMail contacts

Hi guys,

I use ProtonMail - I am wondering if I can use the Contacts (it’s in their beta version) to be the contacts on my e phone somehow?

If not, is there a simple secure private contacts app that I could use for this purpose?

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No you can’t. Same as the calendar. It’s encrypted and no one has access to the data. It’s the same as on your mail folders. To get access from 3rd party app like thunderbird or evolution you will need the ProtonBridge. And this bridge is not available on Android

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Thank you @harvey186.

To be honest having a simple dedicated FOSS contacts manager would actually be ideal. Not tied to any individual service that way. Hope to hear some suggestions

I’m not sure what do you mean. Why don’t use the default contacts app or simple contacts or any else from f-droid

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Ah I understand - I didn’t realise you could use the e/ default contacts app without using an e account. It works good, thank you

Did you have trouble importing your Proton Mail contacts to the /e/ Contacts app?

I’ve exported my PM contacts to a .vcf file, transfer that to my phone and tried to import but get a “Couldn’t Import vCard” error.

I also would like a dedicated contact manager that works between my phone and laptop, but can’t seem to find a decent one that syncs between devices that isn’t some major corporation I’m trying to evade.

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