Open Tabs : How to get list of Open Tabs?

I m using 0.18 q Unofficial /e/ on Redmi Note 4 (Mido)
I have several tabs open in /e/ browser.
Now how can i sync all the open tabs as a list or how can i get a list of all the open tabs?

Thanks in advance

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This image shows I have 3 tabs open in the square box, top right :slight_smile:

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Ok I can see that in image 3 tabs are open, but i want to export or create list of all open tabs.


Sorry, I thought I had written, “Tap to reveal tabs”, but I must have deleted it as I fiddled with uploading the image!

And from there, select ‘Share all tabs’ from the ‘three dots’ menu, then choose a suitable app to export the list of tabs

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