OpenAndroidInstaller - a new installer for custom ROMs (including /e/)

There is an interesting project called OpenAndroidInstaller. As the name says it is an installation tool to allow installing custom ROMs on Android phones. After what I have read (I haven’t tried it yet) it is pretty similar to /e/'s easy installer but more universal and available for more phones. According to the project’s website the installer serves for installing various custom ROMs including /e/ - for up to 52 different devices. Currently, OpenAndroidInstaller is available as an early beta for Win, Mac, Linux (and soon Flatpak).

Its development has funded by the German Prototype Fund (supporting the development of Open Source software)

I suppose this is a project that we will come across again in the near future.

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That’s really good news! If this can replace the /e/ Easy Installer, we could gain support for more devices, share efforts among different custom ROM projects and free up developer resources from the Murena team for other things.

Maybe that Prototype Fund that financed part of the development of OpenAndroidInstaller would be willing to help fund /e/ development, or at least a specific project related to improving it, such as the new camera app they have planned.


I gave this a run in november - it offers user autonomy by enabling a file-dialog for the image file, but in general as with easy-installer it needs per-device yaml configs before you can make use of this dialog. It’s is maybe a little bit easier to contribute to in terms of tech used


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