OpenCamera delete Image not possible

In open camera, I can see the previous pictures clicking on the thumbnail on the bottom right corner and then swapping back and forth. If i select a picture, the options that I see from the 3 dots menu are: slideshow, set picture as, details, print. There is no delete option. This is the place where I expect to be able to delete a picture, but as it was not there, I went to look for it in Files -> Images -> OpenCamera. I select the pictures that I want to delete and then I click on the trash icon on the top. What I see is ta white box with a text “Delete these images?”
There is no button to confirm the action, and nothing happens if I tap on the dialog. I would have post a screenshot but I can’t.
This is just one of the multiple bugs that I have been facing in the last month, my feeling is that this model has not being tested enough. Because it is new, I have bought it from your website and these kind of bugs are pretty basics in my opinion.

Also to report a bug I have to take a screenshot with the phone, send it to me through email (because nextcloud app is not working, and I can’t use the default Files app without enabling syncing) download the pictures from the email, and upload it in the forum. This is what I have done until now. But the email app is now telling me “SocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to mail”. I can use internet from my phone, it is not an internet connection problem.

OpenCamera has currently indeed a lot of bugs. For a long time I can’t see my own pictures from within OpenCamera. It shows only blind placeholders instead of pictures. Only under some special circumstances I see real pictures.

Today I saw that the app is sometimes not able to take a picture anymore. This depends on harmless settings I couldn’t figure out completely until now (Scenery? White balance?). If such a setting is active pressing the blue button (or the configured key) does not take a picture but lets other buttons disappear. And then you can’t escape from this situation anymore, you must close and restart the app.

Are you using /e/ version 0.14? There was a bug in the file manager of 0.14 that caused the OK and Cancel buttons in the dialogue boxes to be displayed at white text on a white background.

If you click on the bottom right corner of the dialogue box you should be able to delete the photo.

This bug was fixed in 0.15. You should be able to upgrade your phone with an OTA update.

This is not an OpenCamera issue, but Gallery’s

Hello @Porru, did you were able to solve your issue?

No. Seems that it’s a /e/OS’ problem

I noticed this today. Super annoying.

I have ended up using Camera FV-5.

Hi everyone.

I’m currently using Open Camera v1.49.1, in Android 11.

I found a way to delete the photos in the Open Camera app.

  • In the Open Camera app, tap the ‘view photos’ button on the bottom right
  • Once you are viewing the photos itself, just pinch the screen (two fingers slide towards each other)
  • It will zoom out and will show other photos on the sides.
  • You can swipe left or right to choose the photos you want to delete
  • Once you found the photo you want to delete, you can just swipe up or down to delete it.
  • If you accidentally deleted a photo, you can undo the action by tapping the undo button on the bottom right

This works for my phone. Your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps.