OpenWeather app

Hi there,

I have a Samsung S9+ with /e/ v1.4-20220929220045 and CPL launcher.

I have the weather widget with my api key. But for now w few weeks, I receive email from openweather:

We have noticed that your account is currently using One Call API quite intensively and exceed the account limit of 1000 calls per day.

With /e/ precedent versions, I didn’t have this problem. I don’t have a particular usage of this widget. I don’t open my phone 1000 times a day.

I changed the api key (with the same account), but it’s the same.

What can I do to resolve this problem ?
Thank you

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Probably Hide my IP is on with Advanced Privacy and creates this impression of a bot connecting a thousand times…

Hi and thank you for your answer

I checked and “Advanced Privacy” is not activated. :cry:
I checked weather authorizations and nothing is allowed

Any other good idea ?


I used an OpenWeatherMap key in my name a long time ago on my laptop and conky – I think I could adjust the polling to 1 call every 2 minutes that would be 720 calls a day if on 24 hours?

I also used my key in the /e/ widget; at a time when the widget was unstable for many users. Fundamental /e/ changes happened since, so I do not have that issue any longer and do not use the key.

The “new api” is a big advance (and seems a little intrusive in permissions, perhaps) and seems to allow OpenWeatherMap to involve: Pricing - OpenWeatherMap.

As I understand it the default weather widget uses /e/'s own “collection service” from OpenWeatherMap. On my Samsung the Widget “just works” I use no key of my own.

It seems to be a weather app bug