Openweathermap as default provider on left pannel wiglet


The weather wiglet on left panel is cool, but I have some questions/proposal:

  • Openweathermap install by default
  • Many provider pre-install (because I never succeed to install other than the current default [Yahoo -who is not really /e/ compatible (security issue GAFAM etc)]
  • I suppose the provider addition will automatically redirect to a dedicated category on /e/store?

One issue on my side (I will report it on Gitlab):

  • When I manually setup my location, it delete it to empty if I reboot my phone or just if it is on old more than few minutes.

The “Weather” app is really cool, but a default sync between the system languages and app languages can be better :slight_smile:

Do you think about display the weather wiglet on the lock screen (display the last known weather with a “!” if data isn’t enable for refresh it)? (of course it can be enable or not)


In order to use Openweathermap in the weather widget I had to

The location deletion on reboot is a known issue. See:


Thanks for the procedure. :slight_smile:

We have decided not to offer OpenWearther Map by default for now because it needs to be post configured by each user by adding a user key.
In the case we would use a /e/ key we would be restricted by the number of call or we would have to pay:
However this is something I’m considering as the price is not too high. It could be covered by user’s donations at