Opinion | Smartphones Are Spies. Here’s Whom They Report To


That shows why we need mass usage of /e/ urgently

Well @Shenol, the problem is, many smartphone users know or suspect that they are being spied on in the WWW. But in the end they don’t care, because they say to themselves “I have nothing to hide. Let them track me.” I’ve heard the same answer a dozen times.

We /e/ users think differently. But we are and will be a small community of like-minded people in the long run.


I have also heard this, way too many times. @manoj, anyone, do you have a good argument to refute this and show how unethical any collection of personal data really is, even if it ‘doesn’t need to be hidden’?

…I heard this phrase also much to often. To answer this, just cite E. Snowden, who says, such ignorant mindset is just the fist in the face of all people not living in safer/safest countries of the western hemisphere.
You can even find an interesting article on Wikipedia concerning this subject:


For my understanding, guaranteed rights for privacy have their own valor, independently from beeing used or not.

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Not all of my acquaintances and friends would accept the accusation of “ignorant thinking” even if it were true. The truth often does not want to be heard.

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:wink: der Ton macht die Musik :wink:

Yes, quite so. The truth is often uncomfortable, especially for someone who is used to whatsapp and co.

Absolutely right! People who achieve their goals by gentle means without breaking a lot of porcelain are highly valued.