Opportunity to obtain paid apps when using /e/



Sometimes - usually work-related - I need the paid version of an app. It always seems to be the case that the only place I can find the paid version of apps is on Google’s Play Store.

What is the plan to address this in /e/? How can an /e/ user pay for and obtain the paid version of an app?


Never tried this but is the app not available through Yalp?


Well… It appears in Yalp, but because it is a paid version, Yalp does not provide a means to download/install it. Besides - In order to purchase it, I would need to establish a Google account, but what I am hoping to do is to de-google my life.

The app in question, in case you wish to take a look at the situation, is “OWM for Outlook Email OWA”. But, I have seen this exact same problem with other paid apps.


Yalp is supposed to provides a way to access paid apps but it requires you to provide Google account details (the ones associated with the purchase of the app). I have never tried this so cannot comment on how well it works. I also don’t know what may be required on the phone to allow the app to run. I would assume there must be some form of DRM probably linked to a Google account.


If you are trying to use paid apps through yalp it will require the use of a google account. After all the purchase is related to your google account. For paid apps it will be mandatory to be linked to a proper google account. Not sure that can be spoofed by MicroG.


My hope was that somehow in partnership with /e/, these app developers would also be able to accept payment without both the developers and the users having to resort to using Google’s Play Store.


Doubt that would be possible given that Google has been able to force major hardware manufacturers not to come out with devices with any other OS - even if forked from android source. Similarly they would force app developers to stick to their platform or be completely expelled from Google play store. App developers would definitely prefer to be available on all platforms especially on Google Play store. Sad but it is not a level playing field thanks to Google in the immediate foreseeable future.