Option to create an SMB server

Some android devices apparently have support for creating a samba server by default… https://androidpctv.com/tutorial-samba-server-android-install/

I think ideally there would be a tile per server for this as well to turn each server on and off.

The article is for TV boxes :wink:
On a phone/tablet you can try MiXplorer, it has an integrated SMB v1 server.

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That’s a really bloated app.

Yes the article is about TV boxes but that wasn’t my point. I think it would be nice to be able to share a folder on any android device. Primitive FTPd works, but the support for ftp in windows explorer is not great (you can only add folders from the context menu not files).

there are samba ports for Android (incidentally, by ppl into building androidtv boxes). But unlikely for /e/ to build this when there are long debates on more user facing Apps. But you can build yourself - https://github.com/GTA-Electronics/Android-samba

for adhoc sharing of folders and files from an Android, little http servers aren’t a bad choice

if your usecase is more into streaming media files from an Android than plain file sharing, the DLNA standard is still kicking and even old networked TVs have a browser for it as would modern Apps. It’s a mix of universal plugnplay, http and xml - https://f-droid.org/packages/com.m3sv.plainupnp/ (and more)

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I don’t mean only downloading, I mean adding files to the server and modifying them as well.
Problem with SMB apps is that apparently connecting on windows is not allowed on any port other than port 445.

I only use termux for client-style Apps, but it allows you in principle to install any linux (server) package you can find. There’s also https://andronix.app/ - but I have no “android as server” experience. I’d probably just install postmarketos if there’s sufficient kernel support for the device.

You seem to be right, Windows native won’t mount samba or nfs on non-standard ports. But you could do socket gymnastics on the windows box and tunnel ports locally.