Orange error screen?

So. I’ve been thinking about seeing if I can get a refund on my murena one as it keeps crashing and giving me a orange screen which forces me to restart the device. I do not want to risk data loss cause of this. Before I go any further with attempting to refund it though. I thought I’d ask the community as well. Here is a photo of the problem that was taken with my old phone.

I have tried factory resetting the device yet this issue still persists. I’m on 1.7 although I don’t think this matters as it seems to persist through updates as well. I have never rooted the device either. If anyone has any possible suggestions on what to do that would be greatly appreciated!

Looks like a hardware issue. Pl send a mail to with the invoice details, and they will help you further.

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Thanks so much for the info. I will give it a shot