Order app by name not order of installation

Preinstalled apps are in alphabetic order but apps I install are shown as they are installed. I would like to make this a feature request; or did I miss something in settings.

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Yes, that’s a much needed feature. As it stands you have to clear Bliss’ data to re-alphabetize.

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Thanks for the tip. Now my Weather app is not between Calendar and Calculator. :smiley:

I found automatic ordering of apps always ridiculous. You can do that when you have only ten and all on the same screen but not in a normal use case. You will never get what you want because there’s always another invisible hand which does something else.

I grouped the apps on my screens according to their general function with a lot of gaps between, and in the functional groups they are ordered by importance.

I give you an additional argument: it happens that you must replace an app because the last update was really crap and another app has already been better for a long time. Now it would be great if you could place the new app where the old app has been for a year. But you will not achieve this with an automatic ordering by whatever criterion.

It is possible to group apps and give that group a name.