Organic maps should be default map software

I’ve grown very fond of the map & navigation app “organic maps” ( I haven’t used it for navigation much yet, but contrary to magic earth it

  1. is open source

  2. actually contains many POIs so it’s much easier to find a store, a hotel, a restaurant etc. And it’s very easy to support the underlying open street map project by adding missing POIs yourself.

I’m finding it fairly easy to use, it also supports offline maps (like magic earth). I think murena should consider replacing magic earth (if car-navigation is on par) and maybe try supporting the project (I will by placing a donation).


As a counterpoint, OSMAnd and Organic Maps are nowhere as good as Magic Earth for navigation, especially to residential addresses.

For map/globe tools, I am in complete agreement with you, however.


I thought it was a russian navigation system.

Does Organic Maps have live traffic info now, and the following from the developer would be outdated (it’s a fairly old comment)? …

Else moving away from Magic Earth will most probably not happen for feature reasons at least.

No, it’s estonian:
(scroll all the way down)

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I find it hard to believe. I am not Ursula von der Leyen.

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