OS 0.14 'Q' on Sony XA2 (pioneer) after two weeks

The phone was returned to stock Android 9 at the beginning of last month and installed with eOS pie testbuild in readiness for this OS update.

Installing Q was carried out using the eRecovery. I installed the older of the two Q versions first and when booted into the new OS there was the latest Q in the system updater. Downloaded OTA and followed the prompts through to installation without a hitch.

Got it set up roughly to my liking, charged up the battery and it all seems very good. Feels stable, power consumption is good. The Phone app bug is still there (no problem, it’s being worked on) and Simple Dialer replaces it for the moment.

There are minor issues in Files with white on white dialogue boxes not being visible but the functionality is not affected. I believe the issue is being worked on.Changing phone to dark mode helps whilst using the app.

Magic Earth working ok.

Adaptive brightness is hit and miss, seems like this was always the case with this phone.

Everything else that I’ve used so far works as expected, but I’m a fairly basic user; there’s a lot of stuff I don’t use. A bonus though: wifi calling now works! I wasn’t expecting that. Mobile signal is poor in my area so this will make a difference.

Telegram Foss video is a bit rough on first go but improves with use. Camera and video, Magic Earth working fine.

Sometimes I struggle to get email notifications reliable but they seem ok at the moment. There is a checkbox for “Blink LED” in the Account settings within Mail app that always needs ticiking on a fresh version. Actually there is an issue with the Mail app stopping syncing after being in aeroplane mode, do not disturb, or anything like that. There is an issue raised and it’s being worked on as well. FairEmail from F-droid is a good stand-in for now.

MMS works after checking and modifying the APN settings (thanks Marty!)

Congratulations to the eTeam on another job well done. I show my appreciation with a small donation once a year, but I will go and check whether I have done it yet this year. :wink:


Excellent review and I’m working on installing Android Q on my Sony Xperia XA2 now!

With the MMS problem u have, my carrier is Ting and with their older sim cards they have 2 APN settings on their help documents online. One APN for Data and a second for MMS. Maybe yours has something similar??


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Hi Marty, Thanks for the prompt. Actually I don’t use mms but am interested in testing it, so I’ve had another go.

My carrier is 3uk and on first boot the phone normally shows a list of APN’s pre-configured and I choose the one that has mms details inside. I compared the settings with some screenshots saved from when the phone was running stock android, and yes they were slightly different.

mms now works as expected and I’ve edited the review.