OS Maps GPS Location

Samsung S9+

I use OS Maps in the UK for all sorts of outdoor use. However it’s pretty much useless on my e/OS phone because the GPS location is incorrect and often wrong by several km.
All other apps that user GPS are perfect.
Any ideas to solve?

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Hi Arm.
Might it be related to https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/5984 ?

Yes it’s definitely this problem. Looks like a few have reported it. Seems to be if you use a spoof location.
This caused problems over the weekend when I was in the mountains. Good job I had a paper map with me, but this needs fixing.

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Upgraded to 1.11 and the problem is still there. Are there any plans to fix this bug or provide work arounds? It’s making OS Maps redundant on this phone.

I wouldn’t expect location to work in any app if I am using a spoof location. Is it still a problem if turn off that option in Advanced Privacy and reboot?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Using a fake location of course masks your real location, but even when you revert to your real location it is still awry. This wasn’t a problem until I used the fake location in Advanced Privacy. A reboot fixes the issue but only temporarily, it soon breaks again.

Very very frustrating, as I need OS Maps so have to carry another phone.

Advanced Privacy, and its bugs - like preventing location from working properly - are a big reason why I no longer run /e/OS on my personal devices. I use either LineageOS for microG, or IodeOS, both of which have no problems with location. I use OS Maps pretty much daily, and wouldn;t be without working GPS in a phone

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I agree, very very frustrating : my 2023 bird spring inventory work is mostly lost, a real pain for me.
That’s a pity, but I must admit that I have lost trust in e-OS team and hope in e-OS future now, seeing the absolute silence on this bug after the first investigations 8 moths ago, and finally the assignment to the creator of microG (on whom e-OS team has no control), about 4 ou 5 months ago (and also the tons of issues that e-OS users experience on many phone models, even if the figure of (voting) users reporting no issue is slowly increasing every month, now at ~75% … but is this enough for e-OS ambitions and promises ?).
And thus, I would no more recommend e-OS to anyone now on his daily driver device.
The only hope left to me is the upgrade of AOSP on the S9/S9+ (from Q to S, planned in a close future, IIUC) … but this is mostly like lighting a candle and praying …
After that, if not better, I will have to move to another church … probably back to G.'s privacy hell actually.

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I had similar reservations when my banking app stopped working after an update, but that was resolved quite quickly. This isn’t as much of a deal breaker for me but I’d expect that GPS should work. When this phone dies I will be investigating other options. However I do think e/OS is a viable option, you’ve just got to take the rough with the smooth, and it’s mostly smooth. This is very frustrating though as I need to carry a work phone with me when I’m out on the hills.

Well, sorry, but I don’t think this 2-phone set (1 for playing with e, the other that just works) is a sustainable scheme, or even a handy one. Hope that not to many users do the same …

I agree. I usually carry 2 phones when I work but I don’t want to carry 2 when I’m not working.

I work in risk management, the risks here is calling rescuers to the wrong place or a navigation mistake. If it’s working and then not working as mine did, this is potentially worse.

Apps like OS Maps and what3words should work when they previously did, and by work I mean they should tell you where you are. No ifs and no buts.

I said previously that I like e/OS but if apps that I have relied on and I need, start to become unreliable, then it’s time to look at moving on.

At least with a Google phone you know where you are. e/OS is turning into a game of whack-a-mole and I don’t have the time or patience.

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