OS Upgrade - Volunteer Testers Required - Next Set of Devices for OS Upgrade

Yes there is an update. Was just discussing this with the team. Will be publishing the details on this forum hopefully this week.
My plan is to release the test builds on this forum - say 5 devices at a time and have users with the devices test it. We also have a team of testers but here I guess the number of users will be more who can try and test.
Based on the number of downloads we can decide which devices to drop and which to continue support for, The popular ones - which work perfectly on Pie and also the most downloaded get to stay on the list.

Android Q may be coming in by end of this year hopefully. Work has just started on the code updates. So for the time being we will talk about Pie.


May I suggest /e/ creates some kind of test plan to define what should be tested. We could make a topic on the forum, what user think should be tested, and when a device is considered “stable”. For example, the Leeco S2, which I used from the beginning of /e/, always had this annoying camera crashing issue. Although I enjoyed /e/ even with this camera error, I would not consider the Leeco S2 “stable”. I think the path /e/ should take is to pick devices that have few to no issues, and make those official.

Do you also consider unofficial builds download ?

Here is what I used to test my unofficial build :

Basic elements :

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Calls
  • SMS
  • LTE
  • Hotspot WiFi
  • Microphone
  • Call speaker
  • Speaker
  • Gyroscope (orientation)
  • Proximity sensor (during a call)
  • Vibration
  • Front camera (and flash)
  • Rear camera (and flash)
  • Buttons (all)
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint sensor

Advanced elements :

  • Encryption
  • Google Cloud Messaging (working by default or not ?)
  • DRM (check with the “DRM Info” app for instance)
  • SELinux (enforcing or not ?)

Thanks. That is a fair criteria. :+1:

Hi Manoj,
Concerning you dropping C category.

Please do keep in your mind that we have set up all the things all the way our mobile with /e/ after trying hard. (it is noted that you worked very hard for us for availing /e/ for our model).
But it took enough efforts to be on /e/, so please i request you dont drop our model. (I use Mido - Redmi Note 4).


your device is officially supported by LineageOS on Pie and will still be officially supported by /e/ and upgraded to Pie.

For devices dropped, if a working unofficial Lineage OS 15.1, 16.0 or 17.1 exists (and that sources are shared by the developper), an unofficial build of /e/ will likely be built.

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@Zeno if you want, a Pie test version is available for mido :


is there any chance for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T?
It is officially supported on LineageOS 17.1

You can ask for it in this category.

Sadly I don’t know which devices will be supported or not in the future. But LineageOS supported devices have much more chances to be officially supported by /e/. This device is newly supported by LineageOS, that’s why it doesn’t appear in our roadmap yet.

here my ask:

I added my ask to the Redmi Note 8 model, which shares the same twrp & LineageOS image

Xiaomi Redmi 8 / 8T (ginko) Q-build for testing.

Device info : https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/ginkgo

Download : https://ecloud.global/s/ZWJddRZ4JXZgPo9

Make a backup first and please share your experience

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I’m waiting for my phone to arrive :smiley:

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@Anonyme I’m using the official build (Q beta) for Oneplus 7pro (Guacamole) now, and I encountered a bunch of problems. I would like to report and help but am I too late?

By the way it seems that there’s a newer Q build for guacamole presents on my computer, but the ZIP image provided on /e/ official server is not that new. I seldom rename ROM files, so this file must be once available then disappeared now. Can you tell me what happened?

You can report your experience on the original topic:


Honestly I have no idea. You can ask on the original topic too.

I’like to test the new official Motorola G7 plus lake. I’m currently running a /e/ unofficial build based on android 9. How can I backup and restore al my data?

Use TWRP recovery if you have installed one

I mean: how can I backup my data and have them restored on the newly installed system?
Is TWRP the right way? Isn’t that meant to restore the complete ROM? Is there a way to use it to backup/restore ONLY data and ALL the data?

What does it mean ‘if you have TWRP installed’? Isn’t te TWRP installation mandatory to install /e/??

More generally, in order to have people testing new version a clear tutorial to do such a backup is mandatory!

Yes there is. When you do a backup in TWRP, you choose which partitions to backup (system, data, etc.). When you restore from a backup you can choose which of the backed up partitions to restore .

When I am updating to a new ROM, I usually backup system, data and boot partitions, so that, if anything goes wrong I can restore back to where I started.

I then usually ‘dirty flash’ (i.e. without wiping system and data partitions), If all is well I still have my installed apps and data with the new system.

If the dirty flash doesn’t work, I wipe system and data and flash again. If that works, then I restore my data partition.

I hope that helps

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