OsmAnd~ and voice prompts

Is it possible to make Osmand~ voice prompts work?
Is my main issue, cause it doesn’t work it says “not possible to start text-to-speech” service. And it’s a pain in the ass for me cause i mostly use maps only listening to the voice clues.


Can you hear Test voice prompts?


Go to Settings - OsmAnd Development - Test voice prompts .

(OsmAnd development extension must be enabled to see the setting)

No, it gives me the same message (is in portuguese for: not possible to Activate text to speech)

Here’s a screenshot in English if someone had the same error

My successful checks are performed on a device with StockROM Android 8.0.0 and /e/ OS ROM e-0.7-nougart.

With which /e/ OS /e/ ROM does your system run: e-0.7-oreo or e-0.7-pie?

I get the message “Cannot start text-to-speech engine” on a /e/ OS ROM e-0.7-pie.

WWW-researches have shown that since LineageOS 16.0 no TTS engine is included. Why this should be so, I couldn’t find out until now.

Tip: Magic Earth has its own TTS.

Same here with Osmand on e-0.7-pie.

Probably because

If you want to stay with Osmand and not switch to

then the only solution I’ve found is to install Google TTS (com.google.android.tts) (anyone dissing me now here, please give me a FOSS alternative first…!).
After installing the TTS you probably have to enable it in settings->system->languages & input->advanced->text-to-speech output->preferred engine.
I then removed any app data usage permissions for Google text-to-speech engine in app settings…

Yes, it is Pie, so it matches… unfortunately

Thanks for all the info, i actually was able to come with a solution yesterday, and i did not have to install Google TTS, i just installed the F-Lite TTS from F-Droid and it worked for me.

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That’s interesting. I’d also stumbled upon flite on F-Droid but

  • it’s quite old (no change during the last three years)
  • I was not able to download any speech files (and found a lot of people with the same problem, but no solution)

To avoid Google I too have installed Flite TTS Engine from F-Droid. Follow exactly the instructions given there to configure it after installation in the given order. The number of languages for which you can download voices is certainly limited. I’ve installed “male;awb” and “female;eey” and they do work on my LineageOS 16.0 Oneplus 5.

"After installing this application, you will have to:

  1. Enable Flite from “Text to Speech Settings” on your phone
  2. Install voice data
  3. Go to “Language” settings and select the voice that you want. By clicking on “Listen to a sample” you can verify that Flite is working."

Nice, man.

Yea, that’s what i came with that day, when ii make it works. Hope it works for all. For me i’m fine with these voice packs, so it’s ok.

For me, testing in Flite works but does not work with OsmAnd on my FairPhone 3.

speech app stops every time