Osmand: sharing location with Gmaps users

Hi, I love Osmand as maps app (more than Magic EArth). It’s not the best sometimes with finding specific addresses, but for navigation and all kinds of maps (hiking, public transport) for me it’s the most complete. The problem is that sometimes I need to share some location or address with friends or whatever, and I don’t know how:

  • If I use the Share>Send option, the link created is something like https://osmand.net/go?lat=… and people who uses G maps (which is the vast majority) can’t open it.
  • If I use Share> Copy, it’s the same problem as above.
  • If I use Share> Copy coordenates, the thing I’m sending is just coordinates, not a clickable blue link (and I know people won’t open it or many of them don’t know what to do with that).
  • Share> geo: it doesn’t allow to share it with a messagin app, it only tells me if I want to open this location with Osmand or Magic Share

Apart from that, when someone sends me a location (and it’s always a Gmaps location like https://maps.app.goog.gl) I would like to be able to open it in Osmand instead of opening it in Gmaps PWA (which is what automatically happens). Is it possible? Or do I have to tell people to send me the coordinates in order to be able to see a location in Osmand?

I hope there’s someone with experience with Osmand who can help me sort this out.



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Hi this works for me in Osmand, chose share or copy, then copy the Web address starting with https and paste into a browser.
Osmand is excellent for touring.

Location: geo:51.49651,-0.1456218?z=11

Just found this in Osmand, select a location on map, click details, expand the menu and at the bottom is a web address long press to copy.


Thanks @SWEBkM ! I hope that would do the trick. I’ll give it a try

Hi @SWEBkM, thanks for your tip! I finally managed to share locations effectively with people not using Osmand, but rather than sharing the https:/osmand… link, I send them OLC (the one with the + sign in the middle) and that seems to work OK for people using gmaps.

The only extra step they have to do is copy/paste in their maps application.