OTA update Pixel 5 redfin with Magisk installed

Forgive me is this has been asked. Recently I loaded Pixel 5 with e/os 1.2 and very much enjoy it (I’ve been fighting for my online privacy a long time and e/os is nice to see). Previously I’ve had e/os installed on a Nexus 6P. That device would get the updates and it would flash and Magisk would be intact after update. Knowing the problems I had with the Pixel 5 install (I actually used the lineage recovery as it worked where e/os didn’t), will this device take an update to 1.3 or do I have to completely wipe it to install 1.3? If I do have to wipe it, is there any way on these devices with dynamic partitions to backup apps, app data and user data (nandroid?) to do a seamless reload? Thank you!

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