OTA won't succeed (1.16S, Dev) - Built Prop-issue?

EDIT OKT. 28: since my question can hopefully be answered by any experienced user, and is not strictly related to OnePlus, I moved back the topic here. Hoping to get a quick reply.

Sometimes you mess things up, and you don’t realize. I hope somecan can help.

I own an OnePlus 9 LE2113 Lemonade. For some app not working I recently got the tip to chance the build.prop in order the app not to detect LOS. This did not fix my problem, but after installing the Magisk-module “Hide userDebug, Test-Keys and LineageOS” by ez-me this specific app worked again. I was an am aware that this Magisk-module kills OTAs, the great thing about Magisk is that you can turn things off.

Now that V1.16S-dev is available, I downloaded it. When I try to execute the OTA it immediately gives me an error, not wanting to install (Magisk-module is off and system rebooted, several times).

Now, I suppose that maybe messing with the build.prop causes this issue. Of course I kept a copy of the original built.prop and flashed it back (via ADB root). I am not an expert user but I can follow manuals :slight_smile:

So right now I am stuck. Original built.prop is back, Magisk-module deactivated but the Updater won’t proceed.

THEREFORE MY QUESTION: can I just SIDELOAD the OTA in recovery? I can NOT risk anything going wrong. This is my daily driver, also for work. So before ruining things I’d rather stick to 1.15 - unless you can tell me confidently that via ADB sideload will do the trick.

Thanks in advance!

Is there any further clue in that error ? I often get a clue from searching the exact error.

Pictures wrong way around. Uploading from mobile phone. No specific error message. Just “install error” which appears directly after hitting update after download.

Updater only gives “error message” in the navbar, not within the app itself. No one (developer team?) who can answer my question if sideloading works?

You are setting a high bar !

Just talking though it … the updater script failed for an unknown reason. The system partition might have been compromised due to past actions.

The updater script will aim to fail safe, but we don’t know the cause.

If you attempt to reflash the system partition by adb sideload you will be attempting just the same thing by a different mechanism.

adb sideload would be the standard way to update if OTA update was not available, so the risk of “something going wrong” is not high in the event that there is nothing compromised by “previous actions”.

Well, I “only” pulled and changed the build.prop file, and then put the original file back. What I do not know (I consider myself an advanced user but no more than that) and are actually asking:

Is this build.prop-file being overwritten when doing an OTA or sideload-update? Because if that is so, than it sounds like a plan. If not… I don’t know…?

Thing is, my knowledge of Android is just way too little. So I just hope someone can explain. Or is even willing to test.

I took the instructions from this forum, about some banking app and thought I’d give it a try. Not ever realising it would kill my OTA.

build.prop files are within system, so yes I expect them to be overwritten.

I would also try XDA Developers Forum for this. Of nog beter misschien: Android Enthusiasts, https://android.stackexchange.com/
Or: backup your data and just go for the sideload.

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