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I recently heard about https://openandroidinstaller.org/

Wondering how it compares with the easy-installer. I’m not very techy… What should i consider when choosing between them? Are there any security concerns? Does e-foundation have an “official opinion” re 3rd party apps?


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Well, that sounds promising!
I’m also wondering how this installer behaves compared with the easy installer from /e/OS.
What could be a plus is that they have a large number of compatible devices, which is not the case for /e/OS concerning their installer: 60 devices VS 21 for /e/OS.
I’d like to know if anyone has done the test of installing /e/OS with open android installer for a device not on the easy installer list.

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Was this a rude question?
Or is it a touchy subject?

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I do not think so…
Are you asking because only 1 answer after 1 day?
If so: give it some time … Those who might have specific answers maybe have not come across your post yet (or else) …


In the past I have successfully installed /e/OS onto a Motorola device using Easy Installer. I wished however, that there would be more installers out there when this installer isn´t suitable for a specific device. Now you, 888, has found an alternative installer!

What I know when you install /e/OS it comes with a recovery from /e/OS, so when you would like to try another ROM you would have to flash both. Not that I think that that is difficult to do, though. But, with Open Android Installer you get TWRP recovery and with it you can just flash another ROM.

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