Outdated apps in store

I seem to not be receiving the latest updates for apps any more. Some specific examples are:

Duolingo - the playstore says it was updated on 29th Nov, but my store says 17th Oct.
WhatsApp - playstore says 16th Nov, my store says 21st October
Spotify - playstore says 30th November, my store says 20th October

Has anyone had this issue, have any ideas about what could be wrong, or know where best to ask? I’ve checked for system updates and I have none available.

I am using a FP3.


Hi, I’m facing the same problem. Last version of WhatsApp is from Oct, 21st. Starting end of November I received a message after starting WhatsApp that the version must be updated and since Dec 14th WhatsApp has stopped working saying that the version is no longer valid. This is very annoying because there is no chance to get a working version except downloading it directly from WhatsApp.
This is the second time when this happens. I had the same problem some years ago but there the update came 3 days after the program stopped working. This time not… :frowning:
Is there anybody able to force the update in the app store?

I think you’re all v1.5 or v1.6 ? makes sense to note your versions down.

There’s a ticket in the backlog (representative of the issue) that you can follow that will very likely see attention

Ah I meant to come back and update this. The issue for me was that apparently I was still on Android 9, Pie 0.23 which went out of support way earlier this year (but I had no idea, and it took a whole bunch of digging to work that out!)

I had found that issue @tcecyk but in my case it was the outdated version of /e/os.

@murdoc are you getting any app updates or is it just WhatsApp missing? I’d check your system version in case it’s the same issue I had. See No WhatsApp update in Apps - #7 by emisthepenguin for more of a discussion on that.

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I’m also running an outdated version (/e/OS 0.20 / Android 8.1.0) but I’m still receiving updates for other apps. What I cant understand is why has it an impact on apps? I’ve downloaded the WhatsApp APK file directly from the WhatsApp website and installed it manually without any problem so it could be no compatibility problem, WhatsApp is still supported with 8.1.0…

the old App client (before v1.0 ?) queries indices by cleanapk, App Lounge moved on to query google play directly. When cleanapk lags behind → people on versions not having App Lounge fall behind.

Every now and then cleanapk refresh their mirrors, but sometimes you need to ping them.

(I was a fan of cleanapk, but understand why letting Google do the work made more sense)

I’m facing the same problem today, Applounge doesn’t provide the last version of wechat and I can’t start it anymore.
Are you guys in the same situation? Would that means that Tecent avoid old apps to start?

Cc @crabs

Hi @Manoj could you please reopen this issue?
Thank you

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Hi @Julien the issue has been reopened as required.


Thank you vert much @Manoj