Outdated firmware redmi note 5

Hi !

I have a question about vendor security patch that is outdated on my redmi note 5 is is from may 2018

Can i rely on this to update the firmware securly without issue of anti roll back : https://osdn.net/projects/xiaomifirmwareupdater/storage/non-arb/Developer/9.3.14/whyred/fw-non-arb_whyred_miui_HMNote5HMNote5ProGlobal_9.3.14_1c32e7eb80_8.1.zip and without compromissing /e/ ROM ?

I also fear that update of firmware may cause the lose of unlock bootloader and the custom recovery, what’s about that ?

thanks you already

Hi @Nikoleos I have not tried this but ideally you should not try to forcefully upgrade the security patch… Especially in your case the Note 5 if I am not wrong is code named whyred and has Anti Roll Back implemented. There is a very good chance you may brick your phone.
On the security patches we are working on providing security patches to all phones including those not being supported by Lineage. Please wait for we should be able to implement this soon.

I have read your message after already updating firmware, but updating it don’t set up to date the vendor security patch, it is still may 2018, so it does nothing without it, /e/ works just fine although


Good to hear that the Anti Roll back did not kick in. Thanks for sharing

yes, it’s probably because this is a no ARB firmware and my device is ARB 3 that is the first level of ARB

what brick i think is for exemple flashing ARB 3 firmware on ARB 4 firmware on device