Outdated vendor Security patch Asus Zenphone Pro M2

Latest vendor security patch are very outdated (2018) on latest /e/ release For Asus Zenphone Pro M2. Should we suggest the upgrade to the Lineage project ?

I’m pretty sure that the vendor security patches are provided by the phone manufacturer, so if Asus hasn’t released any new code then there’s not much you can do.about it.

You are right of course but according to Zentalk Asus forum latest patchs were release in 2020 February Security Patch ????????????? — ZenTalk

Devices which do not have dedicated /e/ maintainers pick up the build files from LineageOS. Assuming the LOS ROM also does not have the latest vendor updates.

OK I will dig and report this topic in the LineageOS communities, https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/skadc6/asus_zenphone_pro_m2_security_patch/

Weird situation here, according to LOS thread we should have 2022 patch level for this device : https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/skadc6/asus_zenphone_pro_m2_security_patch/hvjpb6e/?context=3

Maybe that because /e/ applies Android 9 which is not supported by LOS anymore ?