Outlook / Exchange / Office365 is not working with E-Mail

Hey there,

since upgrade to 1.0 my university mail adress does not work anymore with inbuilt E-Mail. It’s an exchange/office365 mail and the app always prompts “unable to connect”. Tried it with “normal password” and “x0auth2” and it’s does not work in both cases. My private Outlook-adress is still fine.

Has anyone had similar experiences and found a solution for this?

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Have you tried allowing some trackers, as discussed here? In my case, my work Email using the “Outlook” app worked after doing that.

I’ve seen and tried it, but it’s not a dedicated app like Teams or Outlook. I just use the K-9 fork. Maybe one of the Advanced Privacy settings is interfering with it. Tried to make tracking exceptions for the E-Mail app, but it does not work.

I had the same problem. I’ve switched the Advanced Privacy off totally, rebooted, and then was able to set up the email. After that I’ve turned it back on. I’m still testing but my (work) contacts and agenda and email seems to sync now (using TypeApp).

Can you confirm that you actually receive new mail with Advanced Privacy (assuming all trackers are blocked also) turned on? I made the experience that when the account is set up I can block all trackers again, the app wont complain and it looks like everything works fine, but new emails are not synced. For this to work, I had to allow the “Mobile Engangement” Tracker again.

I have the same setup (work Office365) and I’ve been continuing to receive work mail using “vanilla” K-9, with Advanced Privacy on, but K-9 opted-out for trackers (doesn’t have any), and opted out for the spoof IP address (ie, it gets my real IP).

One additional thing that may be helping me, though, is that I am using the open-source Outlook plugin called “CalDav Synchronizer” which is installed on my Outlook app on my work computer. This permitted use of mail/calendar functions on K-9 several years ago when I couldn’t get it to work otherwise. It may be worth checking out.

I can confirm that email (Outlook 365) is working with TypeApp, with all trackers enabled. I also do receive push notifications for new emails!

I wasn’t able to test if contacts and agenda do actively sync but they are visible! Since I’m setting up /e/OS phone in my spare time I will do testing but it takes some time.

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