Outlook from App Lounge & "two-factor authentication."

I’d like to recommend Murena to someone who uses Outlook for email in the workplace, while “two-factor authentication” is required to use it elsewhere and involves calling a number. But would it work with Outlook installed from the App lounge in /e/? Thanks for any comments.

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Hello, I am in the very same situation. My company uses a Microsoft exchange email account and I don’t know how to use it without outlook. I have installed the app without any problem on /e/ os and have used it for three years. No problem for authentication, it works the same as with other phone. Including the Microsoft authentificator app which I do not use.

Thanks GabrielT for your reply.
Now I feel more confident about recommending a phone with /e/ because if something like this didn’t work it could be a bit of a dealbreaker.

Choosing a phone with /e/ os is somewhat complex because their website do not clearly say which phone has the best support and testing. From what I have read on this forum and from my experiene with installing the os on 5 different smartphones, Fairphone 4 and Samsung S9 would be the best choices depending on the price you want to put.

I successfully installed /e/ on two phones: a Samsung S7 Edge, and a BQ Aquaris Pro but I’m thinking of recommending the Fairphone 4 to somebody who requires Outlook & might get one for myself too some time.
Regarding Outlook, I note that, apparently, mail can no longer be retrieved using Thunderbird.
There may be another snag which is that they need Google Drive for work which probably involves using gmail too but I’ll have to ask them if this “two-factor authentication” is required for this too. I don’t use any of these applications myself so I’m a bit wary of recommending a /e/ to somebody who does.

Another way of using outlook with /e/ is described here: How to synchronise your diary with Caldav - #6 by smu44

For onedrive; or even outlook, we can use the websites that are ok or also the apps that /e/ is partially controlling by preventing the external trackers to send data (but not the internal leaks fro, going to the app main company).
Google drive and gmail apps do work well on /e/ os. They maybe even work without microg like google earth for example.
@obacht thanks a lot for sharing this ! I will probably start using that right now ! Outlook on a desktop computer does not have a data theft financing model because it is not a free software on the opposite of the outlook mobile app which is free and suck everything that we write and receive with it
EDIT: I am only interested in reading my “outlook” microsfot exchange emails with another app than outlook (or worse, my compqny mobile iron email app… lol); It seems that your link only show how to synchronise outlook calendar but not the emails.

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Yes, not my native scenario… Options for mail might be limited … Maybe others know more about that…
For 2FA I can recommend aegis, it works without any hickups with MS-related services (least in my usecase for login to webservices for work)

Where did you hear that? As far as I know Thunderbird is able to access Outlook and Exchange email using IMAP

I was unable to configure Thunderbird for Outlook mail on a laptop with linux. Later I came across this topic, on another forum, which may explain it:

It used to work without problems, but Microsoft announced last year that “for security”, they would stop supporting standard protocols for mail like IMAP4 and POP3 and demand that Outlook and only Outlook be used for e-mail.
If I want to see my work e-mail, I have to fire up my Windows 10 notebook from work and then use Outlook to read these messages. All “for security”, of course.

Thanks for that. From the forum link you posted, it seems the issue is with Microsoft 365 accounts. “Normal” Outlook accounts should still work with no problems (unless I have misunderstood that forum)

Original request was:

So, it’s probably a O365 or “on premise” account.
Better ask before the administrator, then.

Thanks everyone for their replies, which I’ve read with interest.