Over years not happy with battery life

So I did the updated to V1.20. Still Android 12 “S”.
Crazy thing for me:
The 1st night after the update was much better 8h/9%. So I thought: Yeah, now !
But after that everything like before.
All the hope now to 13 “T” !

I loose the hope. Will 13 T for FP4 ever come?

Of course it will. They started distributing the Murena FP4 in the US with much fanfare (and rightfully so), it would be pretty wild to let it stay on Android 12, which will get security updates until early next year, supposedly.

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After one day with V2.1 T I am disappointed.
A little bit more worse. 24h with less using is all I get.
V2.0 S was even a little bit more worse than the V1.1xy / V1.2xy releases.
So wrong direction…

Is there a way to upgrade firmware?
Or know somebody: Is “/e/” doing some firmware thing ?

Else I think I have you leave e.
I have no patient anymore.

To help you further can you send some screenshots of the android battery graph for a full cycle? Then use again the BBS (BetterBatteryStats) app and show us what you get on a full cycle too? Could be some apps causing partial wakelocks (not only kernel wakelocks are consuming).

On my FP4 during a 8h night with flight mode my battery consumption is about 5% or less. So to me the first thing to look at is what apps you use and which ones are working too much in the background…

Thanks but one question first:
Did you see the post from tcecyk above:?

That was the 1st credible explanation I got…

And sorry, but flight mode power consumption is not important for me. Over night is just a good test, because nothing happens. If the night needs much power, it will a leak at day too, I think. Only less visible…
And my last tests with flight mode was disappointing, too. But I would repeat it now with V2.1 T.

I sure don’t have tcecyk’s expertise, just a two year experience scanning my battery life in detail with /e/ on FP4 and I have a cycle of 48h between charges, sometimes 3 days (with the same kernel and build version that you have I guess). Feel free to pursue the most credible explanation then and good luck.

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sorry for my “dfc” hunch not having paid off. It’s a pity bugreport profiles for battery-historian aren’t that well suited to be public. A link that you post and withdraw after a day might work? you could post the original bugreport file that I saw and a new one for others to chime in.

If you want to get to the bottom of this and I’d be in your position, I’d reset my phone to defaults and establish a /e/OS baseline and check if LineageOS uses another kernel than /e/OS via their Fairphone partnership. @mungo does extensive long term monitoring for the FP3 - Fairphone - FP3 - FP3+ Documentation Suggestions - #59 by mungo - something that’d be great for other phones

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Sorry. I didn’t wanna be rude. Only sure you get the whole thread .
Did you have popular apps or common preference for bad battery life tips or what are your “tricks”?

Yes, your are my problem… NO, of course not. Thanks again for your time and thoughts.
I do now record new data and will see the next days.

An important step for you would be to go into the Settings → Accu section → Accu usage and to show the list of most accu consuming apps. The best time to do that is when the accu is almost empty. As long as you don’t know which app causes your accu consumption you (and we) can guess a lot.