(Paid) remote support to install /e/ on FP3?

Hi, I want to install /e/ on my FP3 and since my last two attempts did not work out without remote help - and the last one did not work at all - and since now I have a baby and no time to dig deep into how-to-do-it again, I would really love for someone who knows how to do it to support me. I would pay that since it would be very helpful and valuable to me.

What I´d need is: tell me what to download or do it with me, and which steps to take… I currently have LeOS on the phone and have done /e/-installation on my phone and with my computer before, so I am not completely clueless :slight_smile:

does somebody want to help?

when do you want to do this ?

Open those links as parallele tabs in your brownser.
[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/
[HOWTO] revert your Fairphone 3 with /e/-OS back to Stock ROM using Debian based GNU/Linux
[HOW-TO] Flash /e/-OS on Fairphone 3 using Debian based GNU/Linux
What /e/ version do you goal ?
e-r-dev(android11-based) or
[official instructions] : Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP3/3+ - “FP3”

For clarity’s sake, please omit that one in its current state and stick with the other links, else it will just get confusing, as the Fairphone 3/3+ and possibly other A/B devices get installed in a different way than is currently suggested in the Unified install guide.

If you happen to have Fairphone Angels (community volunteers offering help) in your vicinity (see here), you could ask them whether they have experience with /e/OS to perhaps help you.

Else, the Fairphone 3/3+ is supported by the Easy installer … https://doc.e.foundation/easy-installer.


This thread is an opportunity to improve the “A/B device” references in the guide,
tank you

I’m not quite sure @flummel wants to act as a guinea pig in the described situation :wink: .

“guinea-pig” ?

But you are one of the Fairphone specialist here …

Hi, thanks! Any time, preferredly after next Wednesday afternoon since I´ll have visitors until then.

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I´ve tried FP angels, there´s nobody close by - hello countryside :slight_smile:

What is / are the Operating System available in PC around you ?

What is the FairPhoneOS version actually installed on your FP3 ?

UTC please ?

Hi, I have Windows 10 on my laptop. I don´t have FairPhoneOS but LeOS on my phone. UTC is Berlin.

i don’t know windows since 20 years now.
But “adb” and “fastboot” looks more difficult to install on a windows PC than on a linux one ( and you are probably not used to boot on linux-live-cd or linux-live-USB-stick )
Sorry, but first of all, you (or a friend) must follow Installing adb and fastboot on Windows PC because even the "/e/asy installer"needs starting from Stock Firmware.

Hey, I already have that installed I’m pretty sure since I installed /e/ on my fp with this laptop before, and Andy leOS. I needed that for both.

Screenshots for how to even open a command line might be a hint towards very different approaches here. It gets no chance to look the same :wink: .
Whatever works.

From https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048148532 in short :

  1. Download onto your computer

- Fairphone OS (Android 10) -

2.filename*: FP3-REL-Q-3.A.0136-.gms-7c69ec7e-user-fastbootimage
3.md5sum*: 727ffa4d859c3c4d98287792312d84fe
4.sha256sum*: 9db48ba0266db1e84e541ace7a4f9eb6211d7a622b6e11d731ca5166e26d7dbc
5. If possible, check your current build number to ensure equal to or lower than the Fairphone OS provided here.
Read this article to know how to check your


  1. Extract the archive
    • Using Super Zip

  2. Double-click on the archive you downloaded, the name starts with “FP3-…”

  3. Click on the “Extract” button to extract the file. Wait for the operation to be completed. A new Windows Explorer instance will open

  4. Double-click on the folder that just appeared, the name starts with “FP3-…”, to enter it

  5. Once you are inside the folder, locate the file “FP3_FlashAll.exe” and double-click on it
    • If a warning from User Account Control pops up, click on “Yes

  6. Type “1” as you want to Erase user data

  7. Press the “Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:” key
    The script will now run for a couple of minutes like in the following picture
    Once done, you will see the following pictureScript_end.png
    6.*- IMPORTANT -**
    It can take up to 15 min. Do NOT interrupt the process, it might damage the device!

  8. Done, your phone is now up to date. Your phone will now reboot, finishing the system update for a few minutes. You can now safely unplug your FP3/FP3+ from your computer



Then after that, you can follow the /e/ install process.


As a reference, another HowTo for FP4

Hei flummel,
I can help you, but only non-paid (I don’t want to be paid for open-source projects. Well - unless with beer!)
You are on telegram? Send me your telegram-id per pm here in this forum, and I’ll assist you (in German or English).
Have a look already at this post. and then let’s talk!


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Thank you! I just broke my computer so first I’ll have to fix that :wink: and then I’ll come back to you!

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hi fab! It´s been a long while :wink: now my computer is fixed, I´m back from holidays and the files from the “how to install /e/ on FP3” are downloaded. Do you still want to help me install /e/?

Ich finde gerade keine Möglichkeit, dir eine PM mit meiner Telegram-Nummer zu geben, schick mir gerne eine PM, dann antworte ich.