Parental control possibilities and viability

I’ve purchased a phone for my child and I’m trying to decide whether to leave stock Android on it, or install /e/OS.

I want to use parental controls on the phone. On my own /e/OS-running phone, I’ve been able to get Family Link running, so I can control a stock Android phone used by my child.

If my child’s phone also runs /e/OS, will the parental controls still work, or will the privacy controls interfere with that?

Are there other non-Google parental controls anyone using /e/OS has experience with, that work well?

there are threads on “parental control / child safety” in this forum, the 50+ comments thread does mention Family Link working /e/->stockrom too, but seemingly not within /e/->/e/.

r/Lineage says it is possible though as “child” device too, but you can run into issues (that seem to be solved in Q/R by now). Mind: a lot of Lineage users use Gapps instead of microG so a clear comparison falls short.

There are some scattered recommendations here and in the Lineage reddit (netnanny, mmguardian) for related keywords - would warrant a wiki-type list post what works. I myself only checked on “screen time” apps to date.