Part II of Infosec's review of /e/ OS

InfoSec Handbook has come up with a follow up to their initial review of /e/ .
Some time back in March InfoSec Handbook had conducted a first review . We had shared our response to the points raised. Some issues were added to gitlab.

All links and response are given here.

Follow up review by InfoSec Handbook dtd: Aug 3 , 2019

First Look review conducted by InfoSec dtd March 15, 2019

A response from Gaël was published on Medium here dtd Mar 16, 2019

Some of the issues raised in the first review were added to github. You can check the status here . Check the open and closed issues in this.

We will study this second review . Some of the points raised have already been resolved and in testing. Where required we will share a response with the users.


Hi , does /e/ plan to fix all issues raised for V1 version ?

As mentioned some of the issues have already been fixed but still undergoing testing. We will resolve these and critical bugs raised in Gitlab by users before v1.


Thank you for sharing this kind of stuff honestly and without hiding it! Of course, the content of this article is not very pleasant, but as long as eOS’s version number starts with 0.*, this is okay. Believe in you!


Such independent reviews are important. Users can read what is going on in plain English. It’s good that someone pointed out those issues, which can (should) be fixed anyhow, making e a better OS. If there will be a suggested apps list by e in the store, it’d be great to have similar audits regarding them.

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Thxs for sharing the review! very intresting!!! its always good to have a fresh pair of eyes. I am happy with the progress, and know there will be many improvments yet to come. keep up the good work /e/ folks!!