Partitioning confusion, and ecloud storage management

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using /e/ OS for a while now and it works very well, but I’m a bit unsure about my device’s partitioning scheme. It’s got about 2.5 GiB reserved for the system, some other funky partitions, and then an 11 GiB user data partition. I’m wondering if there’s any optimization I can do on my end. I’ve noticed that a filesystem explorer marks just under 2 GiB in my user data partition as holding ‘system’ files, but I thought that these files would be contained in the system partition. 2.5 GiB seems kinda big either way; but that’s not really the issue.

More importantly though, how can I control what is and isn’t backed up to ecloud? The only thing I really want to store on there is my contacts, but it seems like my pictures and audio files have been backed up automatically, which has filled up my free 1 GB.

Thank you if you choose to respond!

Hi !

Maybe this howto will help ?