Partnership with Fairphone

Big news! :smile:

Thanks to a partnership with Fairphone, we have been able to port /e/OS to the Fairphone 3.

/e/-Fairphone3 can now be ordered from our website at

/e/OS for Fairphone3 is also available for download at:

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Does this mean the FP3 will be the most ‘/e/ compatible’ in terms of hardware compatibility? At the moment i use Leeco s2, but camera is a nightmare, so i’m thinking to switch to FP3.

Hi, great news indeed! Just one question I couldn’t solve reading the website. How does this affect to the warranty? Efoundation would be the reseller, but in case of any problem (hardware…) is Fairphone the one responsible to apply the warranty in case it needs reparation? (if we can’t repair it at home, I mean).
Thanks for the info and for the great effort in the partnership!

As reseller of the device we own first time support and warranty.
Under EU consumer laws, we will provide a 24 months warranty as does Fairphone.
So if a user has an issue with a phone he bought from us, he will have to reach out to us and we will trouble shoot.
If it happens that the issue is due to faulty hardware, we will send to Fairphone’s service unit and they will repair or fix.


Thanks for clarifying, @alexis Sounds like a good deal! :slight_smile: I’m in!

Regarding accessories for the FP3 like the charger and USB-C which are not included in the box, can these be purchased through /e/? I would be nice as to avoid additional shipping costs or a trip to the store :slight_smile:

not for now but we are looking into it and that will most likely be feasible by end of May.


Is the app store stable now that you have announced a partnership with an OEM?