Pass URL from /e/ browser to Bitwarden


Bitwarden password manager’s auto-fill option works fine for all apps except for the /e/ built-in browser.

Instead of passing the URL to Bitwarden so the correct site can be linked, only the app (browser) is passed. So I need to search for the specific site I just wanted to auto-fill within Bitwarden, after which it auto-filis fine.

I can’t remember or create new passwords for sites coming from the browser, because Bitwarden then associates these with the browser app itself and not the website I was browsing.

Anyone had this issue with a single app like this? Any solutions?


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I have this problem too. Did you find a fix?

I use the Microsoft EDGE browser on both PC and phone (in my case the preview version). And I experienced EXACTLY the same issue with Bitwarden and EDGE, but on the PC.

The solution was within the development for EDGE since the developer changed some behaviour from the browser that Bitwarden did not realized. I had reported the problem to Bitwarden, who then fixed it in cooperation with Microsoft. Today everything works fine again. Whether the problem was fixed in the browser or in Bitwarden I can’t answer.

My recommendation is to report the problem to Bitwarden. The company was very active at that time (about one to two years ago) also in customer communication.Good luck!

Hi all,
to have bitwarden’s autocomplete option work with /e/ browser, this one must be added to the white list of browsers supported by the bitwarden app.

These are the three files in the bitwarden source code android app that currently should be modified:

  • src/Android/Accessibility/AccessibilityHelpers.cs
  • src/Android/Autofill/AutofillHelpers.cs
  • src/Android/Resources/xml/autofillservice.xml

I modified the above files and was able to compile an apk file that works excellently with /e/ browser, as you can see from the following screenshots:

If the /e/ support team approves, I can make a pull request to have /e/ browser support included in the official bitwarden app (this pull request would still be subject to their internal Community PR board for review, so we have to wait some time before it is approved).

However, without the approval of the /e/ support team, I will not do this.


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Hi @Arlytix,

This is a very good proposal, indeed! :smiley_cat:
To my knowledge, the best way to seek for /e/ approval is to open a GitLab issue, using the “Improvement” template.

I found issue #3319 related to the problem discussed here, but it is closed labeled ‘awaiting development’ :woman_technologist:

I added a comment there because I don’t like to open new issues if there are already similar ones created.

@manoj how please can we re-open this issue? :pray:

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Checking why the issue was closed…there are some recent comments on it which are marked internal so only visible to development team members. Will update once I get some inputs

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Just to clarify, you are asking on the BITWARDEN side to have /e/'s browser (Bromite) officially white listed, and nothing changes on the /e/ foundation side, correct?

If /e/ would ever decide to switch it’s browser away from Bromite (it’s code base is over 5 months old, which is VERY old for a browser), but fork the code to keep:


Then it would still continue to work since the uri of:


would still be valid, correct?

The issue was closed as resolved, It was decided that the team will be contacting Bitwarden and requesting to have the /e/OS browser whitelisted.

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Correct @crahn , but only partially, as the changes must consider not only the URI of the app


but also the component where to find the URL of the page


To be clear, in the AccessibilityHelpers.cs file of the bitwarden source code you have to insert the following line:

new Browser(“foundation.e.browser”, “url_bar”),

In other words, as long as foundation.e.browser remains a fork of android chrome/chromium browser, it will continue to work with bitwarden without any problems, as the name of the app component containing the URL would not change.
Otherwise, as far as I understand from the app code, bitwarden would continue to work with /e/ browser but would not be able to handle the special cases (sites that contain “non-standard” login forms) of auto-completion through the accessibility service.
On the rest you are absolutely right!

Thanks @Manoj and all /e/ team
Please let us know when /e/ browser will be whitelisted

Bye all

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