PayPal not working?

Could it be that in the esolutions shop, payment via PayPal is not working? I just get a turning circle and nothing happens.

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Yes, such things may happen in internet
Try again later

But this issue persists for several months now.

Let me check with the sales team and get back on this.

Hi @TLJ we had the developer check the paypal payment checked out on the eSolutions Shop.

When we click on the ‘Pay with Paypal’ link it was redirecting to the Paypal site which is the expected behavior. This was tested in Edge, Mozilla and Chrome in incognito modes as well.
Which browser are you using?
Also, Pl could you clear the cookie/cache on your Browser and recheck?

Thanks for checking this out. But I still have this issue, in both Firefox and Chrome. Perhaps this issue depends on the items in the shopping cart? I was trying to buy a premium subscription (20 GB storage) for my /e/ cloud.

For that, I used the link in my /e/ drive.

Athor PayPal payments are working with your desktop?

Yes, I’ve never had issues with PayPal.

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Any news on this? It’s a bit sad not to be able to upgrade to a paid subscription…

As mentioned in this thread, the team was not able to detect any issues with Paypal payments. You can raise an issue in gitlab and the developers can contact you on it for more details.


Thanks. I thought my reply above could have helped, that’s why I asked here again. But then I’ll ask on GitLab.

Unfortunately, I can’t register on GitLab. I get:

1 error prohibited this user from being saved:

Email is not allowed for sign-up. Check with your administrator.

I tried with a different e-mail address, but that failed, too.

Pl send a mail to with the details of the email ID you are using to register on Gitlab. The team can help you create an account on Gitlab.