Pdf reader : which app?


Which app do you use to read pdf ?
I can’t open pdf while I am using my browser. I downloaded and tried Pdf viewer plus and Mupdf viewer, but it didn’t work any better.

Thanks !

i use Pdf viewer plus, what is wrong with it? Do you have example url?

Not really … It’s on an instutionnal website on my own account. I was unable to read the document.
When I do it on my computer , the PDF is opened like a preview in my web browser.
Is there a way to do that on my phone ?

You want to view it in the browser if i understand correctly? That is not possible as far as i know.

I use MuPDF viewer.

Available on F-droid.
Cool, simple, lightweight, perfect :slight_smile:

For an encrypted PDF with 256-bit encryption keys and AES, Document Viewer from F-Droid.

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I’ve used MuPDF as well in the past. It has trackers according to ClassyShark3xodus. And, btw, I can’t figure out how to print with MuPDF …

Document Viewer has not been updated for more than 2 years …

Just downloaded PDF Viewer Plus. No trackers and good management for printing. Excellent! Also updated 1 month ago so really excellent app to have installed on /e/.


That’s the one by default in /e/ now.

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For me a big drawback of PDF viewer Plus is that I can’t search for text in it, or I haven’t figured how to do this.
Any suggestions for a no-tracker PDF-viewer that can search?

I can recommend

Librera Reader (Book and PDF reader) - https://f-droid.org/packages/com.foobnix.pro.pdf.reader


Document Viewer (A highly customizable viewer for PDF, DjVu, XPS, cbz, fb2 for Android.) - https://f-droid.org/packages/org.sufficientlysecure.viewer

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Maybe stupid question, but is there a reason to use f-droid? They are both available on /e/-Apps.

F-droid 100 % open source. I don’t know any app with trackers in f-droid. /e/ apps contains a mix of everything. If you find the apps there just go ahead.

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