Per app notification settings

Is it possible to configure notification settings, eg. a different notification sound, per app?

It is, but how to do it it may depend on the app. For example

  • in Telegram FOSS app, in Settings > Notifications and sounds, you can set different sounds for different types of notifications
  • in Element, Settings > Notifications > Notifications configuration
  • in Mail, Settings > Account settings > Notifications

Some apps may not have such a setting and may juts use the system default notification sound (which can be changed in Settings > Sounds > Advanced

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Interesting, I did not know the system Settings options change from app to app.

In this case I wanted to differentiate the notification sound from Battery Charge Limit, but it doesn’t seem possible. I see no such options within the app’s settings or in Settings > Notifications.

I guess the Battery Charge is effectively from the system, not from a separate installed app, so it will use the system default sound.

I was referring to the app called Battery Charge Limit:

Then I guess the app’s developers didn’t see a need to allow the notification sound to be changed.