Performance measurement of /e/ non-profit

Question to /e/ internal team: are there any Key Perfomance Indicators that measure the perfomance of the /e/ OS? We cannot measure sales but in terms of users or other things.

I noted that “e Foundation is a non-profit organization created to host, develop, support and promote pro privacy tech solutions to the broadest.” (see website FAQ)

So we don’t aim for commercial success, but we still aim for success, don’t we?

So we want /e/ to gain market share. Correct? I believe it’s a condition to survival.

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Here is the answer :

It’s true. Those are goals indeed. With years as deadlines. It’s already good to have, to focus the efforts and resources.
I was thinking of measurable goals that can be followed up at any point in time to check if they are being met. It can also concern not only the product but for example the creation of partnerships with other parties in the industry or human resources goals.
I understand that a big work was done in Gitlab to track and prioritize the issues. I’m sure this helps follow up on the objectives. This is what I mean.
Performance indicators is more of an internal tool, I admit, so it would be normal that most of it stays internal.