Phone and Message apps notifications

Hello all,

I installed /e/OS on Poco X3 Pro for a week now and today I spent a few hours on the forum to read articles about notifications but I did not find the answer.

Actually everything is running pretty smooth so far but the fact is that I do not have the phone call and SMS messages on the notification board. But for both app, the notification setting is set to On and all are visible in the Notification history. The main issue is that there is no other notification on the app’s icon meaning that if I do not check myself opening the app, I do not see that I got a message or a call.

Did I miss something (which would not be surprising :sweat_smile:) or might this be a bug and in this case, I will report it.

Thanks a lot and wish you a nice week-end.

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Are you aware within Settings of the “Search settings” feature (top of the screen)? There are many options to search through under notifications!

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I used your advice and I found the way to get the icon visible on app going through “Settings → Apps and notification → Advanced → Special app access → Notification access” to allow the notification on the Bliss Launcher (for the apps) and I found that I had to activate it as well on the “Trebuchet” to visualize the notifications for the calls and messages. I have to admit that it was not obvious to me allowing those features which seems being a default one to me but this is just personal feeling :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway thanks a lot leading me in the appropriate direction!