Phone app call recording?

In Phone>Settings>Sound and Vibration there is a setting for “Call recording Audio Format.” Is this feature actually available and if so how is it activated? In my jurisdiction recording a phone call is permissible if one party (which would be me) gives consent.

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This one ? Call recording in /e/OS - #2 by Manoj

No, the record button doesn’t appear on my phone.

I have the same, the button is not present on my dialer.

@Russ did you ever try to initiate the Recorder app, then make a call? I was thinking of trying this but have not had a suitable opportunity.

Hi! I found out just accidentally the /e/OS call recorder, because I usuall just keep phone on my ear, and I don’t use earphones or speaker often. The button appeares on the screen only after the call is answered. (Would be nice to get it there before making the call, though.)

My phone is Gigaset. Previously I had Nokia, and the only app I could get working with it was “Call Recorder - Cube ACR”. When changing to /e/OS I didn’t want to use that particular app, because of it’s privacy grading was zero, but then found out that there was a call recorder already on /e/OS, and it seems to work fine.

What is very good with the /e/OS call recorder, it also saves the phone number. With Cube ACR one had to rename call recording after the phone call to find the right one if needed. Google changed their rules for PlayStore apps few years back: …“Call recording apps will have to remove CALL LOG permission by 9th of March 2019.This means that they will not be able to get the number of the active call.”

I have Gigaset phone, and I don’t have option to change file format for recorded calls. No setting visible at “Settings / Sound…”. AMR is fine for me though. One can use audio converter if needed.

Now I’m confused. Is a separate recording app needed to record calls? If so, why is there a setting in the Phone app for it? Shouldn’t this setting be in the separate recording app?

It seems, that depending on the phone and android skin, phone may have the native call recorder active or not. Here’s two links about the subject. Assuming we all have /e/OS, this info may not solve the problem, but hopefully helps to get closer to it.

The first article says, when talking about Google’s Dialler

Plus, it will notify the other party of the call being recorded through an audio alert- this defies the purpose of recording in the first place.

…as if letting the other party know they are being recorded is a bad thing. I would have thought that /e/ users - who are using a ROM that respects privacy - would not be approve of recording a conversation without the other party knowing. Do I hope that /e/'s call recording feature will continue to notify the other party that the call is being recorded.

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Recording phone calls without mutual consent is legal or illegal depending on the country where the recording happens. Are the legal recordings ethical? I think it depends on the case.

In modern world we have seen, that recording audio or video with mobile devices has had a very important role in bringing wrong doings to surface, and sometimes justice actualized. In these cases one could think, that strict moral requirement for mutual consent would not have worked.

I think having this small, available and ever handy device with recording features is very good to have - without notifying the other party. Some of us might really need it. Problems might be fundamentally big, or just plain small, but it might be sometimes very good to have your notes.

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