Phone app crashes (?)

I installed /e/ (latest build) in a LeEco S2 (X527) - that’s fine, but:

Using the telephone app crashes the display: Taking any number, start the call and: Bang, display is black/off (the call is starting!). Touch-Screen has no reaction, dead. Only (hard) power button is the way, stopping the established (!) call.

Any suggestions?

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Hello @mave,

try an older version of /e/ for s2 dev (nougat) like e-0.8-n. I mean to have read that the current version is buggy.

Hello archje,

thanks for your support. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with version e- 0.8 -n either. A pity …

To limit the error, I would try this somewhat older /e/ OS Oreo version e-0.7-o-20190929-UNOFFICIAL-s2. It was created by a user known to the /e/community.

To limit the error, I would try also this latest 9-pie version of LineageOS for microG

Thanks a lot. No, unfortunately it does not work with 0.7, nor with LineageOS pie. This could also be a hardware defect. I’m trying to test another one in the series.

A hardware failure is in the air after your tests. Try this ASOP 9-Pie - Evolution X 3.3, ROM for the LeEco Le 2 and most importantly - try again the functionality with a stockROM Android .

I got another LeEco L2 and this works out of the box with /e/. Seems to be really a hardware failure on the first on.

Thanks for your support!