Phone app not working on Redmi Note 9 Pro (miatoll 1.6)

Yesterday I installed miatoll 1.6 on a Redmi Note 9 Pro. All seems to be working except the phone app - when somebody calls, after a ring or two it drops the call with a ‘call ended message’. And when I call, after dialling the number, it just comes up with call ended and gpes back to contacts/dialling screen…

I tried a SIM card from a different network too, same problem.

Any help/tips appreciated.

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Welcome to the /e/ forum @beemack.

You do not say which Android version you are on. Today ‘mialoll’ is available as R (=Anrdoid 11) and S (=Android 12).

One thing to rule out is that before you installed /e/OS you were in the Manufacturers latest software revision of their Android version which matches the Android version you selected of /e/OS to install.

You might try a different dialer app like Simple dialer from

Tks for the suggestion @aibd

I am on Android 12 (S). I tried the simple dialler app, but it does not fix the problem. I updated to 1.7 S today and problem still exists. I did update to the latest version of Xiaomi’s android before installing eOS, MIUI 12, but cannot recall if that was based on Android 11 or 12

You need to install mi 13 before flashing eOs 1.6/7 s cause it is based on android 12