Phone app not working on Redmi Note 9 Pro (miatoll 1.6)

Yesterday I installed miatoll 1.6 on a Redmi Note 9 Pro. All seems to be working except the phone app - when somebody calls, after a ring or two it drops the call with a ‘call ended message’. And when I call, after dialling the number, it just comes up with call ended and gpes back to contacts/dialling screen…

I tried a SIM card from a different network too, same problem.

Any help/tips appreciated.

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You do not say which Android version you are on. Today ‘mialoll’ is available as R (=Anrdoid 11) and S (=Android 12).

One thing to rule out is that before you installed /e/OS you were in the Manufacturers latest software revision of their Android version which matches the Android version you selected of /e/OS to install.

You might try a different dialer app like Simple dialer from

Tks for the suggestion @aibd

I am on Android 12 (S). I tried the simple dialler app, but it does not fix the problem. I updated to 1.7 S today and problem still exists. I did update to the latest version of Xiaomi’s android before installing eOS, MIUI 12, but cannot recall if that was based on Android 11 or 12

You need to install mi 13 before flashing eOs 1.6/7 s cause it is based on android 12

tks for the suggestion @mebitek … I will try that

Am having difficulty figuring out how to install Mi 13 … however, my phone does have Android 12 (see attached) … does this mean I shouldn’t need to install Mi 13?

I have tried eOS 1.5s, 1.6s, 1.7s, 1.8s … all have the same phone problem.

When I tried any of the ‘R’ versions, phone won’t boot - presumably because it is based on Android 11?

If I were to install Mi 12 and then flash eOS R, would that solve it? i.e. is the phone dialling issue only an S problem? And if this is worth trying, can you point me to any guides for how to install Mi 12?

The fundamental issue is that Xiaomi may well have made a software revision between Android 11 and Android 12.

If you wantt to have /e/OS run correctly, you must ensure /e/OS-s is installed on top of a manufacturers Android version 12 – or you could install /e/OS-r on top of a manufacturers Android version 11.

You will be aware also that Xiaomi also like to keep their devices “modern” by arbitrarily upgrading their User Interface, with their own system of numbering. I am not familiar with current Xiaomi Mi version numbers so I will avoid this part of the issue.

However, you will need to select a Mi version which meets the Android version as indicated above.

Further Xiaimi #anti-rollback might now prevent you installing Xiaomi Android 11 as the Xiaomi flashing tool might detect the presence of Android 12.

What is the difficulty you experience when you try to reflash an Xiaomi ROM?

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I think it is a negative on the presumption.

If you want to install an /e/OS-r at this point, you would need to back up all your needed data, then delete data during your /e/OS-r install. That is you must attempt to delete any traces of Android 12 (=S) and hope you might achieve an “all Android 11” device.

I cannot find the Redmi Note 9 Pro version of TWRP from the site

When I had an Xiaomi I found the easiest way to flash the manufacturers ROM was with the “Flash Tool”, that is the same tool used to initially unlock the phone. (Sorry I do not have the links to hand, but I expect you will know that there is both a Windows “official” Xiaomi version and a nice Linux version – both access official Xiaomi servers and ROMs.)

I remember that unlock tool … will revisit it.
Tks for the tip re Linux version, didn’t know that, and I am running Linux on one of my laptops.

Many thanks for your guidance @aibd … I was able to flash MIUI 13 using the Linux tool you pointed me to. Here’s the link to how to install and use the tool in case it will be helpful for others

I was then able to flash e/OS/ 1.8S following the /e/OS instructions Install /e/OS on a Xiaomi POCO M2 Pro / Redmi Note 9S / Redmi Note 9 Pro / Redmi Note 9 Pro Max - “miatoll”