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I have a question, my phone app does only show unknown number when someone is calling me. Can this setting be changed? Is this a setting? I like to see whether someone in my contacts is calling or someone else.

Thank you for replying!

Willem Jan

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Is ‘Contacts’ acces allowed in ‘Phone’ app’s settings ?

Perhaps check both apps in:

Settings > Apps > app’s_name

Hi @trefix

Thanks! I did already check that for the phone app. Not for the contact app. Checked both again, but the acces is allowed both ways. That does not seems to be the issue…

Any other suggestions?

Try to usw “simple Apps” simple dialer in combination with simple contacts

Perhaps have look there:

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Hi @kisman172

Do you mean the simple appl launcher from the /e/ app store?

Thanks @trefix

That article is about exact the same issue and the same provider. Will await the new update then.

Thanks again.

No, I mean simple dialer and simple contacts from simple tool set. F-droid is your friend

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Thanks @kisman172

I will try. Although I found that in F-droid I can not find any app… Did use Aurora Store

You have to update F-Droid repo. by sliding finger down from the main page…

That works. Great! Now use the simple dialer. Let see if someone calls me if it shows the name.

Also the simple contacts look nice

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